What a EWE-turn... Boohoo change their mind about ban of wool.

Fashion online store Boohoo have changed their minds about banning wool after a lot of backlash online.

The company was one of the first mainstream clothing companies to ban the selling of wool in the UK. However since the announcement they have received huge backlash and a blasting online.

Sheep farmer Gareth Wyn Jones told Sky News he was "absolutely disgusted" by Boohoo's decision to ban wool and it is important for the sheep's health for them to be shorn.

Therefore the sheep have to grow the wool anyway so why not make use of the product.

People online calling for Boohoo to do more for sheep farms rather than boycotting the product.

Don't worry you can still buy your woolen jackets from Boohoo this winter.

Source: SkyNews

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