Love Island star left 'half blind' after $6k facial!

WARNING: Graphic images

Alexandra Cane is best known for dating Dr Alex on last seasons love island. Has under gone a pretty intense facial. Not only costing her £3,000 ($6,000NZD) it left her 'half blind' and her face scabbed. However the model is thrilled with the results. She said the facial left her eyes very sore.

Alex and Alex on Love Island

Her Doctor Asif Hussein performed the procedure in a bid to erase scarring on the 27-year-olds face after years of battling impetigo, which results in itchy sores on the skin.

First result of the $6,000 facial.

After a few days Alexandra's skin started to peel and scab

The final result of the facial 3 weeks on!

The results are pretty amazing, I don't think I would have the time or pain tolerance for the facial.

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