Evan Peters WONT BE in the new 'American Horror Story'

When American Horror Story returns, it’ll be without one of the key members of its acting repertory.

Evan Peters, who has co-starred in all eight previous seasons of FX’s horror anthology, says he won’t appear in the upcoming Season 9. “I’m gonna sit a season out,” he told Extra at WonderCon last week. However FX hasn’t yet confirmed Peters’ departure.

There are alot of reason on why Evan might be sitting this season out.

1. There's the new X-Men movie coming out ( Evan is apart of this)

2. Hes just broken up with Emma Roberts for the 500th time, she is also on the show.

3. Last year he spoke to GQ he detailed just how difficult it is for him to portray some of the roles that Ryan Murphy throws his way. When asked about the intense roles he's had to play over the past few years, Evan said: "I'm goofy, I'm silly, I like to have fun. I don't like to yell and scream. I actually hate it. I think it's disgusting and really awful, and it's been a challenge for me. Horror Story sort of demanded that of me."

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