WATCH - James Charles insults trans people everywhere with insensitive video

James Charles is in the naughty book yet again!

The reason is that he made transphobic comments in a new makeup video.

The video, called "THE TRUTH... My Crush Does My Makeup," was a collab with Jeff Wittek.

In a certain conversation, Charles talks to Wittek about the 'Kinsey Scale', explaining how he's a 5.5. "So you're not even full gay," Wittek says, which leads Charles to explain that there have "been girls in the past who I've thought were very, very beautiful. There's also been trans guys in the past, too, that I was really, really into for a moment in time."

James saying that he is not "full gay" because he's been attracted to trans men means that he effectively said he doesn't consider trans men to be actual men.

Now that's offensive.

Since the backlash James has taken to twitter to explain himself.

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