'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans' husband has shot and killed her dog!!!!

Yesterday a rumor was spread online that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans husband David Eason shot and killed her French Bulldog Nugget after the dog bit their two-year-old daughter Ensley.

David was fired from the reality show after homophobic remarks, admitted that he did kill the dog moments ago.

“I dont give a damn what animal bites my baby on the face… whether it be your dog or mine, a dog is a dog and I dont put up with that sh*t at all,” David posted on his Instagram account. “I’m all about protecting my family, it is my lifes mission. Some people are worth killing or dying for and my family means that much to me. You can hate me all you want but this isnt the first time the dog bit Ensleyaggressively. The only person that can judge weather or not a animal is a danger to MY CHILD is ME.”

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