This Dad Created A T-Shirt That Makes His Kid Give Him A Massage

After spending his days in an office all day Dad Ken came up with a genius idea on a way to spend time with his young kids and relax after his long day.

The idea is a simple one, he simple purchased a plain t-shirt and got it printed with a railroad track so that his kids could use their toy trains, cars and trucks on it.

The kids get to play, Ken gets to feel the soothing feeling of toy cars being driven on his back.

“I often do work on my laptop while lying down on the floor,” Ken explained. “One time, in an act of boredom, my child started playing with his toy train on my back, which surprisingly felt very refreshing since my back was really strained. I then came up with this idea to get him to run the train along the particularly massage-needy parts of my back.”

Ken had specifically designed the railroad track so that it would go onto each of his shoulders, down his spine and also go on his lower back.

The shirt can be bought online at Kawalabo in different colours but with the same train track design.

Dad Ken has cracked the code of parenting!

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