Is the Katy Perry & Taylor Swift Drama Over?!

I've always said cookies can fix everything! And this seems to prove it.

But first lets take a look back a wee bit

The two of them were quite close, your ultimate bffl situation but in 2014 Taylor said in an interview that her song 'Bad Blood"off her upcoming album 1989, is about a female musical artist who she won’t name, who “tried to sabotage” her tour by hiring people on her staff. We can only imagine that this is the true meaning behind the hold on the relationship.

Just over a year ago, Katy Perry initiated peace talks with Taylor Swift to end a years-long feud, and it now looks as though an armistice has officially been signed. A plate of what appear to be chocolate-chip cookies, bearing the words “Peace at Last,” was shared on Perry’s Instagram account Tuesday evening. Taylor Swift herself was tagged in the photo, as well as in the caption, which read, “feels good 🧡@taylorswift.”

Who knows maybe we will get a collaboration?

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