Holocaust Victim’s Heartbreaking Life Recreated On Instagram Stories

Éva was just 13 years old when she was murdered in the Nazi gas chambers of Auschwitz.

Éva’s curious, perceptive personality was captured within her diary, which was published posthumously with the title The Diary of Éva Heyman.

Now, 75 years later millionaire businessman Mati Kochavi has transformed her diary into a series of touching Instagram posts called ' Eva's Stories '.

Despite criticism from some who claim the £4million social media memorial is "sensationalist and disrespectful", Kochavi said his aim was to "reinvent the way the Holocaust story is told and make it tangible".

The heartbreaking series on Instagram is made up from 50 stories, which were unfurled in new posts every 30 minutes.

The stories start on Éva's 13th birthday, the day she started her diary. Check them out for yourself on @eva.stories

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