What If "Friends" Was Remade?

Friends is something that future generations will look back on to see how we lived out lives. But what if a news Friends was made? Who would be cased as the iconic characters? Well here is a list on who could play the parts to a T.

Monica — Lea Michele

Why? - Can''t imagine anyone better to play the uptight, neurotic chef that we all know and love?

Rachel — Shay Mitchell

Why? - Shay's got the beauty, the style, and the perfect amount of diva to be Rachel.

Ross — Skylar Astin

Why?- Skylar gives me the vibe that yhe could perfectly embody a character who's as infuriating as he is hilarious.

Chandler — Joe Keery

Why? - Just look at his hair!

Joey — Noah Centineo

Why? - Even though he's a bit young he has that 'Joey' charm and cheek about him.

Janice — Cardi B

Why? - Just think about it.

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