Why Don't We come to NZ!

Why Don't We is the hottest new American boy band!

They are coming to New Zealand for the first time in November!

Q97 is giving away a double pass to Why Don't We at Auckland's Spark Area November 29th. Every weekday between 9am-5pm is your chance to go into the draw! Listen out for your cue to call to go in the draw to win a double pass!

Most bands see their members find fame together. They start out as unrecognized people making music together in hopes that the audiences at their shows get bigger and bigger. But for Why Don't We the case was different.

All five members of Why Don't We already had careers before they decided to form a band together. They all had followings from their previous ventures, but then decided to come together to form a band. Now the boys are determined to take over the music charts together. They are currently on their 8 Letters Tour, where in total they will be performing over 90 shows.

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