Justin Timberlake caught Cheating?!

After being seen together on the balcony of a bar known as The Absinthe, there is massive speculation about Justin Timberlake getting cozy with his 'Palmer' co star Alisha Wainwright. The pair were seen holding hands on a boozy night out in New Orleans while on break from the filming of 'Palmer'. Looks like Justin might be getting his sexy back on..? In a video released by The Sun, the pair were seen laughing and smiling, with Justin reaching to hold Alisha's hand, place her hand on his knee, and even out his arm around her during the night out. He was seen to be rather intoxicated at the time, having to lean on a wall for support to stand.

After being married to Jessica Biel for 7 years now, it has been reported that Justin was not wearing his wedding ring whilst out with Alisha. Since the videos were released, a rep for Alisha Wainwright has shut down the rumors saying "There is no validity to the speculation" and further explaining that Alisha was currently dating an actor back in L.A. It is said that a lot of their co-stars were present on this night out, and there was nothing romantic going on between the two.

Justin has since been seen returning to work since the rumors came out, seeming to be in good spirits. He was rather indecisive about his choice of wardrobe while on set, however seemed to be focused on his work.

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