The Weekend Hints New Release

I'm sure all of you "The Weekend" fans will be sitting on the edge of your seats for his new music release! And it looks like our prayers are about to be answered. The singer has been hinting on his Instagram at the upcoming release of his new music - although it could be coming sooner than we think!

Rumors have surfaced that a new song called "Like Selena" was registered under The Weekend's real name, Abel Tesfaye. While it is unconfirmed as to whether The Weekend did indeed register this song himself, the singer did reactivate his Instagram with a new image captioned "the fall starts tomorrow night", followed by "TONIGHT WE START A NEW BRAIN MELTING PSYCHOTIC CHAPTER! LET'S GO!"

The good news for us is, there will be a new release TONIGHT! The Weekend has not announced the title of the track being released, but if there's rumors are true, it looks like he's not quite finished singing about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

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