Selena's Rough AMA's Performance

Many fans of Selena are rather upset and disappointed after her AMA's performance of "Lose you to Love me". A number of comments have circulated over twitter saying "singing off-key for the chorus isn't just a lyric" and really critiquing the singer, and not in a good way.

Unfortunately, a source revealed to Cosmopolitan that Selena suffered from anxiety and a "panic attack" before going on stage for her performance, which could be the reason she sounded a bit off for her performance. Thankfully, Selena's fans have chalked her performance down to nerves, as she was not only the opening act for this year's AMA's, this was her first televised performance in 2 years since the AMA's in 2017. Other's are blaming the audio techs for the performance, saying the fact she sounded off-key was not her fault.

Either way, the amazing songstress looked gorgeous in this little number by Versace when walking the red carpet. This vibrant green dress was definitely a showstopper! We wish all the best going forward to Selena!

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