Twitter is Bashing Billie Eilish

You may have seen lately that a lot of "boomers" have taken to Twitter to have their say, on the fact that Billie Eilish did not know who Van Halen was. In all honesty, I don't even know, so it's fair to say someone that is 17 doesn't know who they are.

When appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she was quizzed on 80's pop culture - specifically from the year 1984, when Jimmy himself was 17 years old. During the interview it was revealed that she also hadn't seen the classic 80's Ghostbusters movie, didn't know who the rap group Run DMC were, but she thankfully did know who Madonna was!

Some of the tweets posted about the interview are a little bit absurd if you ask me. With some "boomers" out against the pop singer, tweeting "Not to sound too get off my lawn but Billie Eilish should know who Van Halen is even if she's only seventeen" and other rather ridiculous comments.

Thankfully, a number of her fans came out to support Billie, with comments like "Van Halen has 74 thousand followers, Billie Eilish has 43 million"

Wolf Van Halen definitely shut the argument down with his tweet:

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