Taylor Swift's "Christmas Tree Farm": Santa Who?

Our queen Taylor Swift has done it again, releasing a new Christmas single titled "Christmas Tree Farm". Fans are hyped about her new single, with some news outlets saying "Santa isn't needed now that Taylor Swift is the new mascot of Christmas. What's really got fans going wild about the song's release are the supposed hidden "Easter Eggs" within the music video! A number of Swifties have taken to social media after the release of the music video, saying it contains details about when her next album is due to launch.

"Christmas Tree Farm" is a beautiful Christmas hit, and has been best described as a "Christmas miracle" on social media. Not only that, the music video to the song is a collection of home videos from Swift's childhood holiday seasons, giving fans a sneak peek into her previous Christmas experiences with her family.

It has been noted, that one of the home videos was time stamped November 13th, 1989 - before Taylor Swift was even born. Fans have taken this as a clue to the release of Swift's new album! A fan with the Twitter handle @blesstherain13 tweeted "Uhm... guys. Look at the date. November 23 1989. Taylor wasn't born yet. 8 days until the end of the month and then 13 days later she was born... 8... 13" From this, we can assume that Taylor has either 1. Used old footage from her family's Christmas that outdated her - just because - or she really has used this video as a hint to the new album.

To check out the video, follow the link:


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