Tips For Looking After Yourself During Cold and Flu Season

We can’t all be 100%, one hundred percent of the time. The temperature is starting to drop and cold and flu season has arrived. Here are some tips on how to look after yourself, both mentally and physically.

Add some comedy shows to your watch-list

Believe it or not, watching your favourite comedy show could actually boost your immune system! A review published in 2009 found that humour may increase your body's defence against getting sick, as well as boosting your mood despite the not so amazing cold and flu symptoms.

Up your Vitamin C intake

If you want to give your immune system a boost, try increasing the amount of vitamin c in your system. This amazing little vitamin can be found in foods such as kiwifruit, oranges, broccoli and guava, which are all packed full of goodness!

You can also pick up vitamin c supplements in store or online They don’t taste anywhere near as bad as some other things available at the chemist!

Drink more fluids

To stay a step ahead, make sure you stay hydrated. It’s easy to drink water when it’s hot outside, but our bodies still need hydration when we're not sweating at the gym or enjoying beach weather. Drinking water can help your body to flush out unwanted nasties and increase its infection fighting capabilities.

Avoid coffee and sugary drinks

Although it’s important to keep those liquids pumping, avoid consuming coffee or drinks with a high amount of sugar packed in. Try switching to a herbal tea or lemon and barley to soothe the throat.

Don’t stress!

If you’re stuck at home or can’t make it into work because of illness, don’t stress! Prioritise your health first, staying away from work may be the best thing for yourself as well as for any co-workers within sneeze range. Stress can turn a flu or cold into an absolute nightmare. Prioritise your health first, and you’ll be able to get back to the grind faster.

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