A Dating App Which Matches You Based On Your Music Taste Is Launching, Good or Bad?

It's time to hide the guilty pleasure of 90's pop and country because a new dating app which matches you based on your music taste is on it's way.

POM (Power Of Music) is a brand new dating app created by 21-year old Vihan Patel and plans to eliminate the game of ‘hot or not’ that seems to drive most dating apps and replace it with making connections through music.

The basic idea behind the app is that it matches users based on their music taste. You sign up through a music streaming platform, with the initial launch being compatible with either Spotify or Apple Music.

Don't stress you can still create a classic dating profile however your music taste is what actually determines who the app presents to you.

Also no quick fast swiping trying to find love as you will have to have viewed atleast half of their profile before you can decided yay or nay.

The app will hopefully launch in London and then fingers crossed it will make its way down here. Until then you can sign up for a waitlist, just like we have. POM (Power Of Music)

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