Attention Twilight Fans - A New Novel Is Coming Out!

Stephenie Meyer, the author of the famous book series has announced that she is releasing another Twilight novel - titled Midnight Sun!

The new book is going to be available on the 4th of August! It's based around the Twilight story from a whole new perspective - the cold and mysterious Edward Cullen's (played by Robert Pattison in the films).

Meyer initially said that she "wasn't sure if it's the right time to put this book out", because of the "crazy time" surrounding the coronavirus pandemic. However there are quite a few people excited for a new Twilight novel and she didn't think it was fair to make fans wait for much longer.

A draft of the new novel actually leaked back in 2008, when the first film was released, although the book wasn't published then - this didn't stop the other novels from making Twilight the massive cultural phenomenon it is today.

Mark August 4th in your phone calendars!

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