Billie EIlish becomes a voice for Gen Z's in new telco campaign

Billie Eilish - the current Queen of pop culture has now become the star of a new telco campaign defending the often misunderstood Gen Zs.

The two minute long clip defends young people's amount of screen use. The ad suggests that the Zs (people born after 1995) are harnessing technology to push for real social change.

This campaign is the work of the work of Saatchi & Saatchi London and is part of Deutsche Telekom’s ongoing #WhatWeDoNext campaign.

Eilish – who, alongside Greta Thunberg – has fast become the voice of Generation Z, not only narrates the work but adds the backing track!

Other Gen Z stars feature in the film, including climate activist Eirini Vougiouka; Jahkini Bisselink, who at the age of 18 was elected to work as a Dutch Youth Representative at the UN; and hacker and cyber-security expert Philipp Kalweit.

Check out the work below:

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