David Dobrik posted a Youtube video. All is good in the world again.

After a year-long hiatus, David Dobrik is back on Youtube. And the internet is freaking out.

Put simply by the video's top comment: and when the world needed him the most.... he returned.

The video was posted to Dobriks' second channel 'David Dobrik Too.' The Video has been live for less than 24 hours and has already gained over 700,000 views, proving that the kids (myself included) are still obsessed with this man, even after a year off the platform.

In the video, Dobrik shows off his brand new Mansion to his usual vlog squad crew. The pad includes a walk-in, temperature-controlled wine closet, a gym, a movie theater, a master suite with skyline views over the San Fernando Valley, a full outdoor kitchen with a BBQ center, a lounge area with a fire pit, an infinity pool, and a spa, and even a video studio for his podcast, Views.

The coolest feature in his house though – a Hawaiian Punch drinking fountain, just like in the movie Mr Deeds!

In addition to flexing his personal wealth, Dobrik reminded the internet that he’s still a big fan of sharing the love (and cash) by giving two of his assistants brand new cars.

The video comes with a promise, he will be uploading weekly videos again!!

Check out the video below and celebrate with me. He is back.

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