Disney Plus Has Released A Collection of All The Simpsons Episodes Predicting The Future!

Good news for Disney+ subscribers, the platform has compiled a collection of The Simpsons episodes that appear to have predicted the future!

The animated series has been running for over 30 years, and on multiple occasions has been accused  of predicting historical events - including Donald Trump being elected president and even football World Cup results.

Subscribers will be able to the famous (or infamous) episodes in “The Simpsons Predict” collection, which is made up of 13 of the show’s most impressively future predicting episodes. Check out the full list of episodes below:

The Simpsons Predict episodes:

S6: E8 - 'Lisa On Ice' S6: E19 - 'Lisa's Wedding' S9: E1 - 'The City Of New York vs Homer Simpson' S9: E4 - 'Lisa's Sax' S10: E2 - 'Wizard Of Evergreen Terrace'

S10: E5 - 'When You Dish Upon A Star' S11: E17 - 'Bart To The Future' S20: E4 - 'Treehouse Of Horror XIX' S21: E13 - 'Boy Meets Curl' S22: E1 - 'Elementary School Musical' S23: E22 - 'Lisa Goes Gaga' S25: E16 - 'You Don't Have To Live Like A Referee' S29: E1 - 'The Serfsons'

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