(Extremely!!) easy last minute valentine gift ideas.

I'm all for leaving things to the last minute, especially when it comes to gift-giving. I assume you are here reading this because you too have left valentines to the last minute. Possibly the easiest celebration to overlook, but rest assured picking any gift idea from our curated list will result in a very happy (and lucky) lady or lass in your life.

Making dinner reservations

Going for a meal out and not having to cook is a treat no matter the price tag on the location. And should never be overlooked as a great valentines option, quality time and good food? yes please.

A Picnic

Don't want to sit inside for a romantic meal together? Grab a picnic blanket, your favourite snacks and beverages - or a delicious home-cooked meal, and head out for dinner with a view! Can't get much better than that (especially when your special someone is in your view, right?)

Gas station gifts

A coke and a pie as a gift for a dusty Sunday morning doesn't sound half bad at all. One to definitely remember. Or alternatively, pick up a selection of their favourite dusty treats - they'll appreciate the thoughtfulness.

Supermarket flowers

A valentine staple: Flowers, but make it two wonderful things cheap and easy.

Diy pamper night + movies

A relaxing night in is few and far between in the silly season. So take the absolute stress out of Valentines day. Order food, get snacks, round up a few interesting DIY mask ideas (face, hair, body, foot, butt) and pop on some Netflix. Ahhh, bliss.

Love note + anything

Pair any of these ideas with a sweet and thoughtful love note to turn up the romance factor just a notch or two. Good for those of us that appreciate some mush from time to time. Read your room.

We asked Q97 hosts Abby and Taz to share their worst Valentines' day gifts that they have received so we can hopefully avoid making similar mistakes.

Taz: 'I’ve always been single on Valentines Day so imma say no gift is the worst gift'

Abby: 'Concert tickets purchased off Viagogo - Got all hyped for Ed Sheeran only to be turned away at the gates'

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