Fans Are Downloading The Calm App To Hear A Bedtime Story Read By Harry Styles - Is It Worth It?

Harry Styles has teamed up with the meditation app Calm to narrate sleep stories for fans! During the lead up to the story being released, the app shared a teaser video which features a flood of tweets by fans keen for a bedtime story read by Harry himself. At the end of the clip Harry introduces himself in very soothing tones:

The app was immediately flooded with fans wanting to hear a bedtime story by the famous singer

So flooded in fact - that the app crashed and many users weren't even able to find the recording!

Some listeners stayed hooked for the whole story once they were able to access it

Others were just shook to hear Harry's voice:

If you're feeling seriously Harry Styles deprived at the moment a bedtime story read by the man himself might be just what you need!!! You can find out more about the app here.

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