Gordon Ramsey is looking for people to travel the world for a new show - and get payed for it!

Even though international travel isn't really on the cards right now, how cool would it be to get payed for travelling around the world!!

If you've ever wished to travel around the world, filming adventures and eating fantastic food - well you're in luck because Gordon Ramsey is on the hunt for candidates to join his new travel show!

Candidates must be aged between 16 and 21, so if you know someone (or maybe you are that someone) it could just be the kickstart your career needs!

The ideal candidate will be "someone with a big personality who has a passion for food and adventure, whether that be rock climbing, foraging or camping."

If this sounds like you - all you have to do is apply via the Model Management job ad and fill out the online application by the closing date of 3 October.

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