Here's Google's most commonly misspelt words.

Google have been keeping track of all the spelling mistakes we've made while using their search engine! A study conducted by The Knowledge Academy in the UK analysed Google searches made over the last month by users across the world.

Interestingly enough Separate came out on top, hmmmmm could that be a result of being locked up together, or because of all the baking done recently and the need to separate those eggs………..or is it how to separate the kids?

Here's the list of the most common typos - test somebody to see if they can get them all correct!

1. Separate

2. Bureaucracy

3. Manoeuvre

4. Zucchini ( I spell it Courgette lol )

5. Questionnaire

6. Potato

7. Diarrhoea

8. Definitely

9. Embarrass

10. Conscience

11. Unnecessary

The English language can be a tricky one to navigate, so it's understandable if we make little spelling errors here and there. Thank goodness for predictive text or windows spell checker. Not always a solution - but it sure does help!

The word with the most variations in spelling on the in 11-strong list is 'definitely' which has common misspellings including 'definately', 'definatly' and 'definitley'.

I wonder which country has the worst spelling? Surely not New Zealand ………

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