Here's how Kendall Jenner looks so Fit!

Okay, we can't be the only ones that look at Kendall Jenner with envy; she just always looks flawless from every angle!

Well, we may have found the answer to how Kendall keeps in top physique - and we're making a few lifestyle changes!

Kendall has shared a few tips online and an inside scoop into her own personal lifestyle - how she works out, eats, and takes care of herself. It's surprisingly relatable, and still includes plenty of room for a cheeky bevvie or cheat day, just a bit of hard work and no excuses! Just from looking at some holiday snaps, whatever she is doing is WORKING and we are all for it!

Kendall Jenner's Fitness Routines:

Kendall's workouts are led by Hollywood personal trainer Gunnar Peterson (who has also trained J-Lo, Kate Beckinsale, and Sofia Vergara), who takes her through both strength and cardio training, with an emphasis on core workouts.

She said she prefers to work out in the morning and does some kind of exercise "almost every day". To stay toned she does a lot of ab work with Gunnar, and occasionally takes kickboxing classes. Kendall has said "I hate cardio", "I'd rather just stand there and lift some weights than run in place. But I'll do it!

Gunnar has said Jenner works hard to maintain her physique, saying "People will find it hard to believe, that girl squats, dead-lifts, and does pull ups" as well as "a lot of sled-pushing, lateral banded work, up and down the track and a lot of high-intensity cardio intervals".

revealed that while Jenner is genetically and athletically gifted, she works hard to maintain her physique.

That's some great motivation to keep working hard, and something that anyone can do! It might be time to find that activewear and get back to the gym!

When she can't work with her trainer, Kendall will swap the gym for an at-home workout, focusing on her abs! We've got one of her 11 minute workouts to try at home!

Jenner's at-home ab workout is as follows:

Step 1. Forearm plank, 30 seconds. Step 2. High plank, 30 seconds. Step 3. Side plank, 15 seconds. Step 4. Side plank with crunch, 5 reps each side. Step 5. Alternating arm/leg plank, 15 seconds. Step 6. Rocking plank, 15 seconds. Step 7. Knee-to-elbow plank, 5 reps on each side. Step 8. Standard crunch, 20 reps. Step 9. Bicycle crunch, 30 seconds. Step 10. Vertical crunch, 20 seconds. Step 11. Frog crunch, 15 reps. Step 12. Twisted crunch, 15 reps. Step 13. Leg lifts, 15 on each leg.

Kendall's Diet:

Jenner's daily meals typically consist of lean proteins with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

Jenner's standard day on a plate is reported to be as follows:

  • Breakfast—Avocado over eggs and a big bowl of oatmeal.

  • Lunch—Lean chicken with brown rice.

  • Snacks—Raw vegetables with dip and hummus.

  • Dinner—Sushi, vegan spaghetti Bolognese or Margherita pizza.

As for the dish that she could eat anytime? That would be pasta.

"I don't cook that much besides my standard eggs, avocado and toast breakfast, but when I do, I have a few super simple recipes that I consider my 'specialties'".

She's not afraid of a cheat day either, reportedly going to In and Out from time to time, and sharing a beverage with her friends! Everything in balance right?

Kendall's Wellness Lifestyle:

Self-care forms a significant part of the model's overall wellness routine. Jenner has previously spoken about struggling with debilitating anxiety, and how regularly doing transcendental meditation has helped to improve her mental health.

She said she kept hearing about meditating and was sceptical, but after just jumping straight into it and has seen a huge difference in her mental health.

As well as meditation, Kendall also makes sure she gets enough sleep to function properly. She tries to "sleep at least seven to eight hours to be fully awake for the next day, so she tries to go to bed as soon as she can". She's also trained herself to fall asleep anywhere possible - in the car, on flights, anywhere!

And of course, she says having good friends who she sees regularly also help her feel positive and "inspired". Kendall tries to have one or two nights a week with friends, just getting dressed up for dinner and just being social.

Her main part of staying inspired and happy "really comes from surrounding yourself with the right energy". She's thankful for the friends she has who lift her up and push her, and they're all going through changes in their careers together.

While we can't always afford dinners and nights out, surrounding yourself with the right people is definitely key; you all build each other up and support each other and that's the way to get through life!

We're definitely taking a few pointers on board from the Kendall Jenner lifestyle, and we hope you do too!

Keep an eye on the Q97 Instagram to see Taz trying out the workout!

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