How to support Black Lives Matters if you can't protest or money is tight

The tragedy that started a movement across the globe: last week George Floyd, an unarmed man of colour, was killed when a white police officer knelt on his neck despite footage of Floyd repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe”. His death, has started Black Lives Matter protests around the world, with thousands turning out to protest against unjust police brutality and systemic racism.

If you want to support the Black Lives Matter movement but money is tight or you can't make it to a march, a new YouTube video has been uploaded which enables people to earn funds for Black Lives Matter. It is also raising money for organisations that are supporting and providing bail for protesters. Even if you don’t have any money to donate, advertising revenue makes it possible for you to support the cause simply by streaming.

The video which was uploaded by Zoe Amira features music, poetry, and art from a range of black creatives. The most important thing is to watch the adverts. 100% of the ad revenue is being donated to a selection of organisations which are currently supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

Make sure you have turned off or removed any ad blockers and don't press skip through the ads. If you want to boost the video up YouTubes algorithm even more - give the video a like or add to the comments. Even if you leave the video in another tab on mute, you will still be raising money passively and supporting organisations across the globe.

Watch the video here:

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