Is Lorde About To Release A New Album?

It's been a hot minute since Lorde has released new music but that could be about to change!

Since 2017 and the release of her critically acclaimed album 'Melodrama' Lorde has been staying out of the public eye. Aside from a couple of emails to fans and an Instagram story, the kiwi star has been keeping it on the down low.

However, in an exciting twist she's been announced on Barcelona's Primavera Festival's line-up, alongside artists such as Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion, Kehlani, and hundreds more.

The real clue that's getting fans excited is a line written on the festival's website, which states,

"Lorde, who will emerge from her retirement with her third album after her unforgettable visit in 2018"

The festival is happening in June next year, surely this is confirmation that we can expect a new album in the next 12 months?!? The wait could be over and we're getting pretty excited!

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