Ja'mie King has her very own podcast

Ja'meizing some would describe it - one of our fave Chris Lilley characters, Ja'mie King, now has her very own podcast called Ja'miezing.

The show's description is as follows:

Life advice from Sydney's own Gen Z icon and banter queen Ja'mie King. Star of several documentary series, Ja'mie is the ex-private school girl turned influencer, who everyone wants as their best friend. Subscribe for your weekly dose of wellness, fashion, beauty, relationship advice, and more. She's quiche, she's wise, she's unapologetic, and no offence but she's literally Ja'miezing.

The first episode details: Ja'mie talking weight gain, being woke, future unborn son, fillers, sexuality, huntsman attack, 21st party, finding a man (with money), her nudes, dream work-life, hand-job technique and more. Listen below:

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