Kombucha lollies are now a thing and we are here for it.

Kombucha the slightly vinegary - fizzy - live-cultured - good for your gut beverage has risen in insane popularity over the last ten years. From being unheard of to being at every gas station countrywide. The latest creation may just be the best thing to happen since the kombucha craze.

The Natural confectionary co has turned the probiotic beverage into a gummy treat - perfect for the category of us who want to feel good about our gut health while having a wee treat (It may as well be medicinal in my eyes.)

The lollies should be launching in time for World Kombucha Day on 21 February.

With three mouth-watering Kombucha-inspired flavours in the mixed bag, including Strawberry Hibiscus, juicy Ginger Peach, and the crowd-pleaser, Kombucha Original.

We can't wait to get our hands on them and try them out!

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