Lady Gaga's Chromatica: Album Review

Chromatica sees Lady Gaga return to her original dancefloor pop. It has an emotional depth that her more recent albums have lacked, and there is enough ear candy to keep fans wanting more with lyrics about freedom, love and self-empowerment with the occasional subject matter that can be a little dark it still has her melodic touches.

With flashes of 70s disco, house, new wave and electro with snapshots from club music and even having a Madonna esk feel in there too. It is one to look out for. Its remarkably varied in many other ways with song titles like, Replay, Alice, Chromatica I, II, and III, Free woman, Fun tonight and Enigma to name a few.

Her fans will enjoy this album.

Give it a listen, its great for the workout sessions and you will at least have a bit of a boogie….


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