Mother of the Nation Hilary Barry wins NZ TV Awards: TV Personality of the year

Hilary Barry is officially New Zealand's most loved TV Personality after taking home the TV Personality of the Year award last night at the New Zealand Television Awards Wednesday evening.

The award is voted by the public of Aotearoa, there were over 30,000 votes cast this year.

Ashley Bloomfield was a strong contender for the award for his daily apparences at the 1pm Covid-19 update. But pulled out of the runnings saying that he's "not a TV personality." But did say he was 'humbled' to have been nominated.

"Bless him, he totally would've won this category," Barry said on-stage. She gracefully dedicated the award to Dr Bloomfield, joking that she'd previously voted for him herself.

Over lockdown, Hilary Barry's own #FormalFridays segment entertained thousands encouraging kiwis to get dressed up alongside her from our WFH desks. Barry's classic-kiwi sense of humour, flawless presenting and take no sh*t attitude are just some of the reasons she remained the favourite.

Throughout the year Hilz Baz has clapped back to countless sexist comments from viewers of Seven Sharp who need a anti-sexism lesson and a long hard look in the mirror. Including a comment from Ken than no one asked for earlier this week.

You've gotta love her.

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