Need a Bartender? Try the MowTender!

Summer is on its way, which means drinking in the back garden, enjoying the summer sun, and really not doing too much in your free time - right?

I'm sure we've all had the issue of chilling in the backyard, it's super hot, you're finally getting your tan on, and you just can't be bothered to get up and grab that well needed drink... Oh the struggle.

A guy in the UK has invented a great idea, and it's got us even more excited for summer!

A genius invention is taking over the internet; the Lawnmower-come-bartender invention, created by Matt Benedetto. He's fully equipped his lawnmower full of beverages and ice - even some plastic cups - to bring him his drinks while he's chilling in the backyard. Bonus, you can mow your lawn at the same time!

While most of us have the traditional push mower or ride on mower - which would make things quite difficult, his idea came when he was sent a cordless robotic lawnmower. He says his invention is a great way to 'Enjoy your Sunday chores on a whole new level with the most productive beer delivery system ever!'

Unfortunately for us, we can't run off and buy this amazing contraption online, so for now we will have to keep getting our own drinks, but it's definitely giving us some great inspiration for our own home bartender ideas! Where's my drone at?!

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