New Zealand's favourite pizza flavour revealed

There's nothing quite like that feeling when you see your pizza delivery arrive, or grabbing the first a piping hot slice - and despite the seemingly endless exciting flavour combos available, it turns out in New Zealand we like to stick with the classics!

So what is New Zealand's favourite pizza topping? It's not Hawaiian with it's cheese, ham and pineapple combo or the classic dad order of meat lovers.

According to Domino's, it's the humble pepperoni that reigns supreme as the most popular pizza flavour in New Zealand! Following closely behind are Hawaiian and cheesy garlic flavour as a delicious and meat free option.

Domino's stores alone deliver over 10,000 pepperoni pizzas to Kiwis every single day!

That means we eat our way through a staggering 275 metric tonnes of pepperoni every year - or 5,288kg a week!!!

Are you a fan of this kiwi favourite? Or is there another flavour that you prefer more?

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