NZ Road Safety Week - Q97's tips for New Drivers

It's back again; New Zealand Road Safety week which runs annually every 2nd week of November - this year it's November 9th - November 15th.

This year's theme is: Step Up for Safe Streets - something we believe EVERYONE should be doing! We're also right on the edge of event season, and heading into summer with the silly season - so it's the perfect time to brush up on your skills and keep yourself and those around you safe. The team at Q97 have come together with some top tips to Step Up and keep our streets safe, from the footpaths to the roads

Q97's Tips for Safer Roads:

1. Drive like everyone is out to get you

Probably the best advice that we've been given when going for our licences, literally drive like everyone else is a terrible driver that could get you - but of course, doing so calmly and safely. It keeps you more aware of what's going on with other drivers around you, and should also make you think about your own driving!

2. Drive to the conditions, both yours and the roads'

We know full well that it can be tempting to 'just get there' - especially after a super long drive! It's super important to just keep an eye on the conditions of the road, keeping a fair distance from other drivers, and just being aware. If you're tired, or getting mad hangry, pull over for a break and give yourself a refresh! It's so much better for you and everyone else on the road if you drive feeling your absolute best!

If you need a wee pick me up when you're driving, we recommend putting on a playlist of your favourite jams - or tune in to Q97Hits for some fun while you drive!

3. Keep an eye out around parked cars, busses, or driving around town

You never know when a wee kid could come running out on the road, or what other drivers are thinking (some people just forget their blinkers don't they...). Driving slow and steady around parked cars, and other vehicles that could just push in front of you, or any places that pedestrians could pop out on the road makes things safer for everyone. We love bringing out our nicer sides and giving people a wave as we drive past - or at least a smile - so you can even make someone's day while keeping safe

4. Put the phone down; get tech savvy!

It can be so tempting to message back that cute guy while you're driving, but it's not the best idea. But, there's ways around it so you can still drive safely and enjoy the trip! Invest in a bluetooth set for your car to go hands free, 3SIXT have awesome phone docks so you don't have to look down - and of course, Siri is there to help you out with your music without touching your phone - and she's got your back after a night out too! Set yourself some goals to utilise the features of our everyday smart phones - so you can say "Look Ma, No Hands!"

5. Keep your vehicle and those in it safe

The hardest thing with owning a car can be remembering to get it serviced and checked regularly (don't worry, we've been guilty of it too) - but it's the most important part to keeping you and those around you safe! Keep in mind, your car should probably go for a service every 10,000Kms or every 6 months (whichever happens first) and be checking your oil, tyre pressure, water and general maintenance few weeks. Of course - don't forget the interior! Giving your car a nice fresh clean, and checking that everything works is equally as important! It's the perfect excuse to run to the store and pick up that car freshener you've always wanted, or check out that cute mechanic!

Be aware and be safe is the main message of Road Safety week - not just this week but every week. And from the Q97 team, drive safely and keep yourself and those around you safe and happy!

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