Paris Hilton Returns!!!

Its probably not everyones cup of tea but promises to be "completely different from anything I’ve ever done," heiress and socialite Paris Hilton said in the teaser video for her new documentary, a YouTube Original entitled This Is Paris, which is set to premiere this September.

The documentary promises to give an inside look into Hilton’s day-to-day life.

The documentary will premiere on YouTube on September 14th on Hilton's YouTube channel.

Hilton, producer Aaron Saidman, and director Alexandra Dean at the TCA event.

Hilton will no longer play a "character."

At a Television Critic’s Association press event, Hilton admitted that most of her public persona was based on a carefully crafted character.

“I was in on the joke. People thought that’s who I really was,” Hilton said. “I’ve been judged on a character that I created at the beginning of my career and now I feel like it’s really time that people see who the real Paris is.”

So, why is Hilton now choosing to show us this side of her? “It’s a different time,” she said. “It’s about being real.”

Watch a clip from the film below:

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