Pics and Whittakers = A Peanut Slab in a Jar

Two iconic kiwi brands unite to make possibly the naughtiest 'breakfast-passing' spread I have seen so far this year.

It is described to taste exactly like Whittaker's classic Peanut Butter Slab. Whittakers say Pics "have gone nuts with us!"

“Peanuts and chocolate have always gone well together and the team has done a marvelous job of turning them into something I know lots of our customers will find irresistible,” says Picot.

Pic’s Peanut & Chocolate Butter combines Pic’s signature crunchy peanuts and the generous mix of Whittaker’s Five Roll Refined Creamy Milk and Dark Ghana 72 percent, with a pinch of sea salt. This sounds dangerous.

They will be available in PAK'nSAVE and New World stores from Monday 25th January so we won't be kept waiting long at all!

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