Research reveals the names of people who complain the most

It turns out Karen isn't the only one complaining in 2020!

Although a person who complains or makes life hard for customer service staff is often dubbed a 'Karen' it turns out there are other culprits and now a study has proved it!

To figure out the list of the top complainers, UK-based comparison site analysed Trip Advisor reviews for some of the biggest landmarks in the world, including the Sydney Opera House.

It turns out that the Eiffel Tower in Paris is the landmark that people complain about the most, claiming 17,000 negative reviews.

They also exposed names of the biggest complainers, after analysing thousands of pieces of negative feedback.

The biggest female complainers, according to Uswitch, have the following names:

  1. Kim

  2. Karen

  3. Susan

  4. Sue

  5. Sarah

  6. Julie

  7. Emily

  8. Claudia

  9. Anna

  10. Rachel

When it comes to men, the biggest complainers are called:

  1. Paul

  2. David

  3. John

  4. Mark

  5. Andrew

  6. Steve

  7. Michael

  8. Peter

  9. Jeff

  10. Daniel

It turns out Kim and Paul are the ones who really want to speak to the manager!

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