Sick of 2021? Just Scream!

If you've been screaming internally for too long, it is time to let it all out.

A website by the same of JUST SCREAM! is asking people to do precisely that, scream. The platform offers a free-to-phone number that users can dial-up and scream, shout, say whatever they like into the hotline. The only catch - everything recorded is uploaded to their website.

This makes for a lot of interesting content to listen to, there are 101,204 individual screams currently up on the website.

After clicking through the first three 'screams' it became apparent the site is also being used as a person diary dumping ground, with personal rants very heavy on the site.

American primary school teacher Chris Gollmar created the project to help people reduce their stress.

The hotline was launched just before the USA Election Day. If you want to participate, you’ll have to act fast. The hotline will stop accepting calls on Jan. 21.

There is batshit goldmine on there, so have a listen for yourself.

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