Someone just released a recipe for white Nutella - it looks amazing!

The secret recipe for White Nutella isn't so much of a secret anymore! An Instagram account called The Snack Controller has just released the recipe to making homemade white Nutella!!!

“Make it to your specifications. So mine was 2 blocks of Milky Bar, a bag of Kinder white Schokobons, both crushed and melted, added the oil from the hazelnut butter, a scoop of the hazelnut butter, some hazelnut syrup if you have if and some regular sunflower oil.”

“Mixed it by tasted and then put it in jars. Mine went hard and weird looking after it sat in the jar (hence no preservatives and not much use of the oil, but I heated it and it comes back good as new).”

For the softer Nutella lovers:

“If you want that smooth Nutella consistency add more oil and it will stay like normal Nutella but I’d rather it go hard so it’s that slightly bit thicker when cooled.”

“Then you can pour it on cheesecakes and dip doughnuts in it and just all round pour that on EVERYTHING."

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