Surfing Top Tips from Beginner Surfers

What better way to spend a sunny day than to hit the surf with your mates and learn to ride the waves?

Our Q97 team did just that, borrowing surfboards from some mates and hitting the waves - literally! They managed to learn a lot of what not to do, and have some top tips to share!

Breakfast Announcer Taz:

- Know the Lingo

- Shaka, don't pull gang signs while you're trying to shaka!

- You always have to pretend you're in Hawaii riding the big waves

- Wouldn't expect anything else

- Don't trip over the leg rope

- Don't want to end up with a face full of sand

- Remember to grab a photo and make it at least look like you were surfing

- it didn't happen if you didn't take a photo, right?

Drive Announcer Abby:

- Close your mouth on the water

- Saltwater is apparently pretty gross :P

- Make sure you're actually on the board properly

- Falling off is fun and all but not all of the time

- Balance, balance, balance

Team member Will:

- Pick the right spot

- somewhere where there's no one to watch you fail of course! Jokes, somewhere

sheltered with decent waves

- Don't stand up straight away

- try to balance on your tummy, then your knees, then up on your feet

- Get the right size board for you

- too small and you'll sink, too big and you'll go too slow in the water

(Shout out to team member Will who let us grab this cheeky snap!)

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