Taz Chats with Kiwi Artist PRINS

PRINS has just released a new single Magnetic! Taz, the Q97 Breakfast Show host caught up with her to discuss the song, and to find out what's next for the Kiwi artist.

Magnetic kick starts a big year ahead for the singer, whose real name is Alannah Prins.

She has always wanted to release music that is upbeat and funky which this song definitely is. The track has come at the perfect time - spreading a positive message despite everything currently going on across the globe .

PRINS also has a collaboration in the works with Lee Matthews, which is set to release very shortly. The team have just received funding from New Zealand On Air for the track which they are very excited to release. The collaboration is going to be slightly different from her normal music style. It is going to have a drum and bass vibe which she often enjoys listening to in her own time.

PRINS is working towards having enough material to do a full live show and hype up the crowd with her uplifting music!

She tends to write her music and the plan the music video afterwards.

Although she started writing magnetic in the middle of last year planning for the music video started at the end at the end of 2019.

Check out the full interview here

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