Ten Year Anniversary Plans For One Direction Confirmed

Save the date: July 23rd - it's the ten year anniversary of One Direction being formed!!!!!

To celebrate the pretty special occasion PR manager Simon Jones has shared a number of things Directioners can look forward to:

Things to look forward to include - a brand new 1D anniversary website, 10-year celebration video made for fans, and even interactive playlists.

The special '10 years of One Direction' website is set to launch on the 23rd of July - it's expected to be an interactive as well as exciting fan experience!

Fans will also be able to generate their own shareable ‘mixtape’ playlist on the site, which will be personalised according to how they’ve interacted with the site’s content and the areas they’ve spent the most time exploring.

Site visitors will be able to connect to Spotify or Apple Music, with the mixtape playlists being saved to their personal accounts. If this isn’t exciting enough - there will also be a YouTube celebration video released on July 23!

Directioners have been anticipating 1D's reunion for quite some time now - here at Q97 we're counting down the days already!!!

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