The UK has voted on their Favourite Desserts - we're not so sure

Okay, we all know in New Zealand, a good dessert is pretty important.

From the classic Kiwi Pav, to a good chocolate brownie, we all love a sweet treat.

Well, of course our buddies in the UK are the same, in fact they've even done a vote on what dessert is most popular for their National Dessert Day! The results are in, and we're not sure what's going on...

Jack and Beyond, a well-known London-based cake store, has carried out a survey to find out what the nation’s favourite dessert is.

Using their findings, the cake store put together a table ranking puddings from God Tier to Worst Tier, and the outcome is... well.... See for yourself!

The "modest" but scrumptious sticky toffee pudding has been crowned as the best dessert this National Dessert Day. Fair play, it is pretty popular, but is it really worthy of the number one spot? We asked our announcers what they thought of these rankings.

Breakfast Announcer Taz had a couple of things to say; "What happened to a good old self saucing pudding? Sticky Pudding, See ya Sis!"

Morning After Host Alex says he's disgusted Carrot Cake has been labelled bland "Carrot Cake deserves a lot better, seriously Apple Crumble got mid tier? disgraceful!"

And Drive Show Host Abby says "Glad to see something coffee themed made it into the God Tier but sticky toffee definitely doesn't deserve to be up there - WTF stay in your lane?!?"

What are your thoughts on the matter? Let us know on our Instagram Story what your favourite dessert is!

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