Tips for looking after your mental health

It's NZ Mental Health Week, a fantastic reminder that we need to look after our mental as well as physical health. As human's we're all unique and there's a lot of different ways to look after our mental health (te oranga hinengaro). If you're planning a mental health day, or just need some strategies for the days in between we've got some tips:

Set Goals for Each Day

At the start of each day, set aside a few moments to determine what you need to achieve and set realistic goals for yourself. Before you step out into the world of social media, catching up with news and returning missed calls it's important to remind yourself of what's important and things you need to achieve in your life.

Remember to laugh. 

This could mean hanging out with a funny friend, watch a comedy show or indulging in some cheeky memes. Laughter is proven to help reduce anxiety and stress.

Try prepping your lunches or picking outfits for the week. 

This can help you save time in the mornings and have a sense of control heading into the week ahead. 2020 has definitely been a challenging year and when the big picture might seem out of control, focus on the things that you can.

Send a thank you note 

Not for a material item, but instead to let someone know why you appreciate them. This could be someone who taught you a new skill, showed you kindness when you need it or just your favourite barista! Written expressions of gratitude are linked to increased happiness.

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