Too Hot to Handle is Back!

You'll remember it as one of the hottest things to happen in our lockdown last year. With nowhere to go and nothing to see, we all collectively turned on our screens (Netflix of course) to watch the binge-worthy reality show - Too Hot To Handle.

Well, get ready because your guilty pleasure is coming back!

Too Hot To Handle has just been renewed for both a second and third season on Netflix, and it sounds like season 2 will be starting VERY soon.

Reportedly, the upcoming seasons began production a few months ago under a false name. Because contestants aren't supposed to know about the no-sex challenge until after cameras start rolling.

Too Hot To Handle is 14 single 20-somethings who learn they are forbidden from any sexual contact with one another for the full month of their time on the show- while on a beautiful tropical island. As the show host Alexa-type speaker states "This retreat helps you gain deeper emotional connections."

(Spoiler alert) If you watched the first season you'd know that is almost impossible for many contestants to stick to the rules.

The rules state the group collectively loses money from their $100,00 grand prize in 'fines' for any time they were caught doing any banned act which included, kissing, cuddling, or anything of the nature.

The release date for season 2 hasn't been shared yet - but we are patiently waiting.

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