Turn your fridge scraps into a gourmet meal.

It's the weekend, and you're reading this because you haven't made it to the supermarket yet. We understand the weekend is for activities and rolling around the supermarket isles thinking of the week ahead is not the activity of choice.

If you're stuck trying to think up a recipe idea, and you're staring at your kitchen cupboards convinced there's nothing you can make with half a packet of Oreos, a slice of cheese and a can of chickpeas, then check this website out.

Some of the recommendations that come up are quite interesting and range from super helpful to obvious and quite frankly weird. But is exciting to see what comes up nonetheless.

over at https://myfridgefood.com/

Simply check the boxes with everything you have on hand in the cupboard and fridge, any fresh herbs spices, or citrus that may be lingering around and you'll get countless recipe suggestions of magical combinations of what you have laying around.

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