Underrated Stationery You Didn't Know You Needed

School is right around the corner for 2021 - why is summer always so short!?

The best part about going back to school, we reckon, is definitely the stationery! Heck, that's also the best part of working as well!

Now, we all know the classics - the good old 1B5's, 3B5 notebooks, and a huge collection of pens, but what about the stationery you just didn't realise you needed? We've put together our collection of underrated stationery items that you NEED for school in 2021!

A Bullet Journal

Definitely for the creative minded souls out there, bullet journals are the best way to stay organised, while showing off your creative flare! Whether it's to keep track of your homework, fitness goals, or just what you do each day, bullet journals are the way to go. Grab your coloured pens, and doodle your way through 2021!

For even more creativity, just a simple visual diary with blank pages also makes for a fun notebook! Drive Announcer Abby swears by the A5 visual diary for her To-Do lists!

Bonus: There are tonnes of templates and inspirational bullet journals on Pinterest to check out - so your options are endless! Check some of them out here:


Post-It notes

Honestly, not sure where we'd be without post-it notes - thank you to whoever invented them! Who would have thought sticky pieces of square coloured paper would be so essential to organisation! What better way to remind yourself of things to do than with a bright yellow square stuck to your notebook, wall, laptop - even your bathroom door?

Bonus: The leftover post-it notes could be used on your mate's car, right?

A pencil - but with an eraser on the end

Remember the good old days, back in primary school, and always having the hugest collection of pencils? Back when you just couldn't wait to get your pen licence? Wow, we have got so much more appreciation for the good old pencil now that we're older - especially when there's an eraser on the end! Now you can even get coloured pencils with erasers, just perfect for your next art class!

The best part? Getting creative with what kind of eraser to put on the bottom of your pencil!

Bonus: If you're bored or in need of distraction, it's a great chance to practice your doodling!

A good pair of scissors

The worst thing is grabbing a pair of scissors and them being too blunt to cut anything - or your workmate has used them on something that they probably shouldn't have! According to Morning After Host Alex, the best part about scissors isn't the ability to cut paper (or you know, anything important) - it's the fact you can use them as a grooming tool in an emergency! See a stray hair sitting out of place? give it a quick snip!

On the other end of the scale, they're so handy when you have a loose thread or a random tag still stuck on your clothes that you forgot about - just a quick snip and away you go with your day!

Who would have thought the simple scissors would be such an essential tool at work!

Bonus: Never worry about not being "on fleek" at work - and still be able to get work done!

A collection of Highlighters

I wouldn't be anywhere without highlighters! They always say "Highlight the important things" *Insert completely highlighted notebook here* but, they really are essential to prioritising things to do in a day, and keeping a clear schedule! The best way to use them is colour-coding your notes with different coloured highlighters, say pink for homework, green for fitness, yellow for events and so on.

If anyone saw my diary right now they may think I need a mental institution...

Bonus: Not a fan of the neon colours? Grab some pastel coloured highlighters instead - they do the same job, just cuter!

Heading back to school or study this year? Check out our Instagram for an awesome stationery pack giveaway - and we could be getting you organised and ready to take on another year of education, all thanks to Paper Plus Whakatane!

Let us know what your go-to stationery items are that you just couldn't live without on Facebook or Instagram!

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