What are Instagram Reels and are they going to replace Tik Tok?

There's a new social media feature in town: Instagram Reels!

This new feature allows you to record and edit 15-second clips set to music on Instagram. If you feel like this sounds a little similar to Tik Tok you're definitely not alone! Pretty much EVERYONE is comparing the new feature to its competitor. How exactly do you use them? What are the major differences between Instagram Reels and Tik Tok? Here's a run down on how to use this new feature (Thank us when you get Insta Reel famous):

What are Instagram Reels? Reels lets Instagram users to "record and edit 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools." Similar to Instagram Stories, you can share reels with your followers on your feed, and, if you have a public account, make them available to the wider Instagram community through a new section specifically dedicated to Reels. The new section is the Reels Explore Feed. It's very similar to TikTok's "For You" page, where you see stuff from popular and trending accounts, not just people you follow. If you make it to the Reels Explore page, you'll get a little notification and your Reel will say "Featured."

How do you create and edit your Instagram Reel? Creating and editing an Instagram reel video uses a lot of very similar tools to Tik Tok. If you're keen to try making some Instagram Reel content, here's some tips:

  • Audio: Reels has a library of music that you can use to find music for your clip vid content, or if you want to create an original sound, simply record it with your reel.

  • AR Effects: These are the TikTok-ish effects and include effects like green screen, warping faces, adding filters and creative transitions! 

  • Timer and Countdown: Set the timer to record any of your clips hands-free. Once you press record, you’ll see a 3-2-1 countdown, before recording begins for the amount of time you selected.

  • Align: This helps you line up objects from a previous clip to the next one you're recording to make seamless transitions, like outfit changes.

  • Speed: You can use this to speed or slow parts of the video or audio you're editing, again to help you stay on a beat or make things slow motion.

Like Tik Tok you can record Reels straight from the Instagram app itself, or you can create a video from clips already stored in your camera roll. You also have the option of adding Reels to your story, and sharing with friends via DM!

It looks like Instagram's launched a serious competitor! If you haven't had a video go viral on Tik Tok yet, Instagram Reels are now an option!

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