What your New Year's Resolutions should be - Based on your Star Sign

Are you a believer in the stars? Well, you want to be!

It's a brand New Year, we're about to get back to school and work, and back to reality for another year! So it's time to knuckle down and work on those New Year's Resolutions!

Of course, it's never easy to really sit down and think about what you want to work on for an entire year - so we're here to help! Here's what your New Year's Resolutions should be for 2021, based on your star sign:


It's time to level up and show the world what you're made of! This year is your year; where you lead others will follow! Think about joining a networking group, building your Instagram, and make a difference. This is the year of you and your friends!


Got that business idea you've always wanted to start, or a big passion project? This year is your year to make those dreams a reality! Your year ahead is full of success - time to make some goals and start achieving them! This year's resolutions should reflect you taking the leap, and taking a chance on your dreams


Your year is all about change - Follow your heart and start saying "yes"! This year, make some resolutions around education, travel, and growth! You may find yourself in a much different place from where you started!


This year is all about what you really want - time to focus and make it happen for 2021! Whether it's a big goal, adventure, or love, go and get it! Let your New Years Resolutions be an investment in your biggest dreams and just go for it, it'll pay off in no time. Just be sure to commit and don't give up!


You've got a year of dynamic duos ahead of you! Whether it's a relationship (or finding the one..), or a strong business partnership, this year is the year of your power couple. The connections you make in 2021 are set to make a big difference in your life - so make them count! Focus on taking things to the next level and open your mind to new possibilities.


While it may sound cliche, make this the year to focus on yourself and your wellness goals. 2020 was rough, and it's time to rest and recover, and put yourself first. It's time to feel your best and start putting yourself first! Hit refresh this year and strive to a brand new you!


What a year to be a Libra! This year is definitely going to be your year - with so many good times on the horizon! All you have to do is believe in yourself and believe that you deserve it! This year's resolutions should prioritise love, fun, and creative pursuits - and make this year the best one yet.


Last year was hard on all of us for stability - this year's resolutions may need more stability to help your dreams come true. Focus on building a strong foundation, and get the ball rolling to achieve your goals! This year is the year of big decisions and achievements to come.


Time to power up for 2021! It's time to let go, and stop holding back! Say what you want to say, do what you want to do, and stop waiting in the wings. It's time to take back your spotlight for 2021 and make your New Years Resolutions straight from the heart. Tell someone how you feel, work towards your dreams, write that book or start that podcast - your options are endless!


Hard work pays off! This is your year to be on the receiving end of rewards, accolades, and results! Who knows, maybe you'll finally get that promotion you've always wanted! Don't give up now though - this year's resolutions should focus on that hard work and keep pushing you forward! The harder you work, the more it's going to pay off later!


Whatever you want out of life is headed your way this year! That new job, success, freedom, hopefully even travel - this year is the year for you! Make a resolution to change things up this year and make a difference for yourself for 2021!


This year is the year to drop your self-doubt and start believing in yourself! We've already done the impossible and made it through 2020 - so don't stop now! Make your resolutions reflect your highest potential and keep stepping up your game for 2021. Dress for success, embrace the spotlight, and keep pushing forwards!

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